Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

After almost a year of waiting and praying, our family is preparing for the trip to bring our precious Zoe home! We can all hardly believe the day is almost here.  Our beautiful girl will be in our arms on July 20th!! 

It's so amazing, this wonderful journey that God has planned for us; and I'm so glad that He has chosen to lay China on our hearts.  His ways are always best and His timing is always perfect.  
There are so many things that had to line up to bring us to this point; and we trust that He will work everything out for good. (Rm 8:28)

We truly appreciate all of the support we have received from both our friends and family….You are such a blessing!  Thank you so much for your prayers, gifts, and the love you have shown to "one of the least of these."  (Matt 25:40)

Zoe Ji Kelley

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